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XSS like a Pro

Hello Friends, I'm gonna share my interesting finding here. Recently,  About two months ago,  I received a private invitation on Bugcrowd and the next day I started to look for bugs on that website because there was only one target (testing site) in scope and they provided me some credentials. I can't disclose the site name, so let's assume First of all, I logged-in to that site ( with the provided credentials and inspected the site around 15 minutes and tried to understand it. After that, I started to look for bugs and found multiple bugs mostly stored XSS. At that day, I had found a total 11 vulnerabilities. I reported them and received a bounty on each report. So, I'm not disclosing the bounties. Also, I'm not sharing my all findings but some. So,  At the beginning, I tried to change my default password and successfully changed my password to '1' which was the first bug that there is no password policy.