Hack Facebook Users Account through Tabnapping

Tabnapping is an interesting, tricky, clever, and smart hacking technique for phishing and scamming.
Through this, attackers take advantage and control a victim’s unattended browser tabs by hijacking and redirecting him to malicious URLs where they can perform a phishing attack and execute scripts.


You are already logged in to your Facebook account and suddenly you see an interesting post with a web link. After clicking on the link, a new tab opens. Now, you are visiting an interesting post link on the new tab and unknowingly your previous tab will change to a fake Facebook login page. When you go back to the previous tab, u'll see u need to log in to Facebook, when you login, your information will be sent to the attacker and you successfully loggedin to Facebook because you never logged out.

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Always check the 'URL' in the address bar and ensure that it is using secure protocol 'https'.


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