DisplayBit XSS Vulnerability

Hi Friends, last time I explained what is  XSS Now in this tut I show you how I found my first xss vulnerability in displaybit.

Displaybit is a website that pay users by uploading and sharing images.

So how I found my first XSS in two min.
I just upload the picture and and change the title with xss payload <script>alert("xss")</script> and save the picture. 
XSS successfully executed whenever I refresh the page.So I report this to displaybit. Displaybit fix this bug and and 'Thanks' me.

Then I again found my second another xss in display bit.This vulnerability exist in displaybit image search.When I view my image on displaybit I see a  search bar and I enter the previous payload, xss successfully executed . I again report this to displaybit through openbugbounty


I found my first XSS vulnerability in displaybit and my career starts here.

There are many ways and several techniques to find bug vulnerabilities which will be discussed in next articles.


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