101 Abbreviations Every H@cker Should Know

 AP = Access Point
 API = Application Programming Interfaces
 APK = Android Package Kit
 ATA = Advanced Technology Attachment
 ATM= Automatic Teller Machine
 BASIC = Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

 BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death
 BIOS = Basic Input Output System

 CPU = Central Processing Unit
 CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart
 CCS = Courtesy Copies

 CDN = Content Delivery Network
 CSS = Cascading Style Sheets
 CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access

 CLI = Command Line Interface
 CLS =Clear Screen

 CSRF = Cross Site Request Forgery
 DBMS = Data Base Management System
 DDOS = Distributed Denial Of Service
 DEL = Delete
 DIMM= Double In-line Memory Module
 DIR= Directory
 DNS = Domain Name System
 DOS = Disk Operating System
 DOS ATTACK = Denial Of Service Attack
 DSP = Digital Signal Processor
 DTP = Desktop Publishing
 E.C = Electronics Commerce
 EDI = Electronic Data In charge
 EDP= Electronic Data Processing
 EDSAC = Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
 EDVAC = Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
 ENIAC = Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
 EXE = Executable Format
 FTP = File Transfer Protocol
 FUD = Fully Undetectable

 4G = Fourth Generation
 GUI = Graphical User Interface
 GW BASIC = Gee Whiz OR Graphic & Windows BASIC
 HIDS = Host intrusion detection systems
 HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
 HTTPS =  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
 IDM = Internet Download Manager
 IDM-ADM = Internet Download Manager-Android Download Manager
 IDS = Intrusion Detection System
 IM= Instant Messaging
 IP Address = Internet Protocol Address
 IRC = Internet Relay Chat
 ISN = Initial Sequence Number
 ISP= Internet Service Provider
 IVRS = Interactive Voice Response System
 JMP= Jump
 PEG= Joint Photographic Expert Group
 LAN = Local Area Network
 Linux = Linus Torvalds UNIX

 LFI = Local File Inclusion
 MAC Address = Media Access Control Address (physical address)
 MAN = Metropolitan Area Network
 MANIAC = Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer
 MIS = Management Information Services
 MODEM = Modulator Demodulator
 MS DOS = Microsoft Disk Operating System
 NIDS = Network intrusion detection systems)
 NOP = No Operation
 OCR = Optical Character Recognition
 ORACLE = Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine
 OS = Operating System
 PC = Personal Computer
 PDF = Portable Document Format
 PHP = Hyper Text Preprocessor
 PID = Product Identification
 POP = Post Office Protocol
 RATS= Remote Access Trojans or Remote Administration tools
 REM= Remarks

 RCE = Remote Code Execution
 RFI = Remote File Inclusion
 SE = Social Engineering
 SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
 SIM = Subscriber Identity Module / Simulator
 SIMM= Single In-line Memory Module
 SQL = Structured Query Language
 SSH = Secure Shell

 SSL = Secure Socket Layer
 UI = User Interface
 UNIX = Uniplexed Information and Computing Service/Universal Network Information Exchange
 URL = Uniform Resource Locator
 USB = Universal Serial Bus
 VBA = Visual Basic Of Application
 VIRUS =  Vital Information Resource Under Seized
  VPN = Virtual Private Network
 VPS = Virtual Private Server
 WAN = Wide Area Network
 WEP = Wired Equivalent Privacy
 WiFi = Wireless Fidelity
 WINDOWS = Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
 WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network
 WML = Wireless Markup Language
 WPA = Wireless Protected Access
WPS = Wi-Fi Protected Setup
 WWW = World Wide Web
 XSS = Cross Site Scripting



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